NYSDOT Wall Asset Management System

As illustrated by the collapse of a privately owned retaining wall on the Henry Hudson Parkway in Manhattan during the month of May 2005, a large wall failure can result in extensive damage and prolonged highway closures and, potentially, serious injuries and deaths.

The purpose of this project was to provide the NYSDOT Region 11 with a Wall Management System (WMS) enabling it to systematically monitor the condition of all significant walls along its routes and to quickly provide repairs or protective measures, where needed.

The Scope of Work for this contract, as set forth by NYSDOT Region 11, consisted of the following eight tasks: (1) Identify Non‐State‐owned retaining walls whose failure could potentially impact the NY State Arterial System in Region 11, (2) identify NYS‐owned noise walls, (3) visually inspect the identified walls for structural deterioration, and the surrounding areas for conditions that may lead to possible failure of the wall, (4) identify and assess the need and level of further investigation required by the wall owner, (5) create a database of non‐State‐owned retaining walls and of NYS‐owned noise walls under item 1 and 2 above, to supplement the existing NYS‐owned retaining wall database, (6) make the retaining wall database suitable for networking, (7) provide a report that shows the location and condition of all subject walls, (8) design and affix Wall Identification Number (WIN) Tags on all NYS Retaining Walls and Noise Walls.