Williamsburg Bridge

Gandhi Engineering was selected to design and reconstruct the pedestrian and bicycle path on the Williamsburg Suspension Bridge over the East River. This $80-million-dollar project included creating a 25 foot wide bridge deck to carry bicycle and pedestrian traffic along with occasional maintenance vehicles.

This project was a major undertaking and posed numerous challenges, including having minimal working space adjacent to the Williamsburg Bridge. The work conditions involved dense traffic on the Williamsburg Bridge, frequent movement of trains on the bridge, and enthusiastic use of the pedestrian and bicycle paths.

During the installation of the pedestrian and bicyclist structure, the lack of working space was particularly daunting. The structure could not be assembled over active subway tracks, therefore we transported the structure piecemeal to Brooklyn where it was assembled. After the assembly, each individual piece was loaded on to a specially designed dolly with mobile cranes. The pedestrian and bicyclist walkway was then transported to the Williamsburg Bridge where each piece was installed.